Quelle Aventure

I find it a challenge to paint without an image and am taking refuge in the visual clues in the words, which is not necessarily what I intended. I didn’t make a plan before starting, but just added the images as they appear in the song. Then I looked at the painting from different directions and tried to follow the image that appeared: a blue tit, I think. Not very sure of what I’m doing, I told myself ‘love it as it is’ which helped a bit. Then decided to try painting without glasses. There is no image to follow and my new glasses don’t feel correct at the moment, which is interference I can do without. But actually looking without glasses used to help me sometimes to see tone better, so I may continue with that for a while.

Perhaps most importantly, I tried to think what the song means for O, what he was trying to say by it when it was written/composed. I don’t know, but to me it seems that it is, rather obviously, about when things feel a certain way but it is too difficult to say it, for some reason or another. Hence it seemed a good fit that the image looks a bit like a bird, like when we tell one another ‘a little bird told me’ when it is too difficult to say it otherwise.

watercolour_29.03.18_(50x35cm) Quelle Aventure