Le Sommeil

I would like to replace the image I have on my YouTube channel for ‘La Courte Paille’ (the short straw). This is a collection of seven poems in French by Maurice Carême set to music by Francis Poulenc . I have a link in the blogroll to that recording sung by my mother. But I am not painting the music or the singing here. I am merely trying to find an image to represent the poems as I remember them. Not, I think, figurative, (yes, says O).
There is the text, with a translation which I have updated a little, in a separate page on this Blog. It helps me clarify the meaning of the words when I try to look at it in a different way, such as translating it into a different language.
The painting turned out a little more figurative than I thought, though perhaps more symbolist, with each colour and area representing a ‘character’ in the song.