These are the branches of Enkianthus and Hazel (the body) and Azalea (harmonising assistant) I pruned earlier and placed in some bottles with pebbles, somewhat inspired by my reading about the art of ikebana. At the time of pruning the Enkianthus was only branch, with a little pink and green turret on top. The Hazel branch looks still like gathered racehorses.
For the background I wanted something plain, so I tried a white tablecloth. It had been folded into squares which did not look very attractive so I ironed it and then was reminded of the picture by Egon Shiele ‘Autumn Sun’ with the delicate autumn rays depicted by something looking like folded paper. So I folded the tablecloth in three and then further to make that central pattern in one third of the cloth. Hopefully looking a little crepuscular [more creepy than muscular].
I find that with Permanent Rose, Aureolin and Perylene Green I can do a lot of colours, but not blue, so I have added Prussian and Ultramarine Blues.
To mark the centre of the cloth pattern I placed a piece of white blue tack. I don’t need to use masking fluid as the foreground will be darker than the background.
Plant note: the small Enkianthus branch I placed together with the Azalea started well but has not survived, so perhaps they do not like to share the same water (?) p.s: but more likely the alkaline London water as they are acid loving plants. p.p.s: plant food which made the water cloudy – I changed the water and added a few drops of lemon juice; no idea if it’ll work but the water and pebbles look bright.
Tried out some other colour combinations – actually red, blue and yellow do make black – but I prefer my usual lot. Trying to make the bottles look more ‘grounded’. Still a few bits to finish.

watercolour_28.02.18_(35x50cm) Experiment
sketch notes_21.02.18