Amalgam 1

Lichens and a peacock

The picture I took of a peacock wandering around at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo was not too clear, but I wanted to paint those colours, so I chose a picture of some lichen and will try to amalgamate them. I have tried this in the past and have found it tends to be more successful if I don’t just ‘borrow’ the colours but also some other characteristic, hence the vague shape of the peacock as well as some of the colours. Lichen itself is an amalgam, loosely, it consists of algae and fungi, in a symbiotic relationship.

Notes: this combination is quite tricky – 1) the image of the lichen had dark and light reversed so I eventually flipped and reprinted – 2) the peacock tail has a fullness that the lichen does not possess and which is important to me – tone helps to define this, so I reprinted the black and white image having increased the contrast.

watercolour_17.01.18_(50x35cm) Amalgam 1