Water mixable oil colour experimenting

Fabriano Tela block 48 x 36 cm

Cobra water mixable oil colour in: Primary Magenta, Ultramarine, Burnt Umber, Phthalo turquoise blue, Transparent yellow medium

Hog brushes 6, palette knife

watermixoil exp_25.09.17_(36x48cm)

Trying out a new medium, the water mixable oil is  easy to clean with soap and water and has similar properties to oil, slowness in drying for one. I like the three dimensional quality of oil painting, but also the transparency of watercolour.

Mixing the colours in the pan before is one of my joys and this allows for that, but also an effect of sgraffito* which is not usually possible with watercolours.

The Tela paper is good for improvised effects though the paint does not adhere evenly when using a lot of water.

(*edited to remove ‘stencelling’ which is not the correct description for painting black over colour and scratching to reveal what is underneath)

P.S. 03.10.17 after painting Flowerscape 3 in these colours I need to revise my opinion : -1- they are not very easy to clean, no solvents are required but strong soap as the paint clogs the brushes -2- when mixed with water the colour in the pan is nothing like the colour on paper, though it is fun to guess -3- the paint adheres well when mixed with water. I do like the results of painting with these and I do love the colours!

The Fabriano Tela is lovely to use, but masking fluid tears it when removed.