Animal line study

Sketch 1_17.10.15_(42x29.7cm)
Sketch 1_17.10.15_(42×29.7cm)
Sketch 2_17.10.15_(42x29.7cm)
Sketch 2_17.10.15_(42×29.7cm)

Oops, not a line study, but it is what Life wants. And by the way, when you are talking to Life, there is no code, no key, whatever, you look at what is near you, as I wrote before, that will be Life talking to you. As in any conversation, you agree the rules. You can decide that a person saying yes, means Life says yes, and a person saying no is Life saying no, or you can ask Life if the opposite can be true, a person saying no is Life saying yes etc. You learn as you go along. You can change as needs be, you can agree with Life that an ant going left to right means yes, or an ant travelling from right to left means yes. Just my opinion of course.