Experiment with mixed media

Mixed media 1_10.10.15_(42x29.7cm)
Mixed media 1_10.10.15_(42×29.7cm)
Mixed media 3_10.10.15_(42x29.7cm)
Mixed media 3_10.10.15_(42×29.7cm)
Mixed media 2_10.10.15_(42x29.7cm)
Mixed media 2_10.10.15_(42×29.7cm)



The instructions tell us to use traditional art tools with non-art media and experiment with different supports as well. I have started with a collage of coloured papers and a dipping pen.

Mixed media 4_11.10.15_(42x29.7cm)
Mixed media 4_11.10.15_(42×29.7cm)

Further additions: marker pens, biros, black mascara and brush, Oilbar and wooden picnic knife, watercolour wash.