Research Point – positive and negative space

The course asks us to look at a range of current artists working today in still life Still Life Artists 2015 (1)to see how they incorporate positive and negative space:

GARY HUME’S painting here has very strong contrasts, whereas SARAH SPACKMAN seems to fill the negative space Still Life Artists 2015 (2)so that it can almost be another positive space.  SUE READ’S Shell & Egg has a very dark negative space which brings the objects she has painted into sharper relief, but the Egg on Roses has a busy background which complements the main objects. LILLIAS AUGUST makes quaint collections, often the background has some reference to the object she describes, though not in Nine Keys as far as I am aware.

Drawing exercise 4 (1)
Drawing exercise 4 (1) _ 5 Sept 2015_ 21 x 15 cm
Drawing exercise 4 (2)
Drawing exercise 4 (2)_ 5 Sept 2015 _ 21×15 cm

JAN HARDISTY sometimes photographs objects to make still lives. He experimented using paper, folded only once, to create the image of three dimensional objects, playing with the idea of positive and negative space.