Warm-up – temporary drawings

The course starts with an exercise in making marks without using traditional tools. We are asked to ‘draw’ lines that are temporary. We are given examples:

Squeeze and drip washing up liquid into the sink Drawing exercise 1 (1)

Drag a stick in the sand – I used gram flour Drawing exercise 1 (4)

Pull a bicycle through a puddle and make some marks with the wet tyres Drawing exercise 1 (6)This was surprisingly enjoyable – to find these drawings had been made without forethought.

Light shining from a partly covered shade Drawing exercise 1 (3)

Smoke rising Drawing exercise 1 (2)

A row of grains Drawing exercise 1 (5)

We are asked to examine how we feel after the mark we made has gone, to think of the transience of our actions perhaps, that they are valuable, no matter how transient. Also deciding on whether to wait until something else ‘removed’ my mark, or removing it myself made me think about the responsibility we have with regard to what we create.